Airtel Blackberry Subscription Codes

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  1. basic_K

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    The blackberry subscription codes for Airtel Nigeria

    Below are the Blackberry Date Bundles for Airtel Nigeria

    For Airtel Bis Daily Text BISDAY to 440 (costs N 200)

    For Airtel Bis Weekly Text BISWEEK to 440 (costs N 1,000)

    For Airtel Bis Monthly Text BISMONTH to 440 (costs N 3,000)

    For Airtel Social Monthly Text SOCIALMONTH to 440 (cost N1,450)

    To check your data bundle balance,text status to 440 or dial *440#

  2. okama02

    okama02 New Member

    How many gig is the monthly one which is #3000?
  3. Ianke

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    There is no stating no the data size of the N3000 subscription. why not follow Basic K's instruction and subscribe the N1200 plan to get your assured 1gb?
  4. Serg

    Serg Administrator Staff Member

    3GB for the 3000 Naira subscription which is actually called Airtel BISMONTH
  5. Magma

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    Do Airtel have unlimited data for Blackberry? How much per month if yes?
  6. pctips

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    Airtel did not have unlimited blackberry subscription plan.
  7. onesmith

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    I really dont like giving out such info, but right now which has been working form some times now on pc FOC are Swift 4G, spectranet 4G, Multilinks....etc...
    i m not gonna entertain any question on here as they are suppose to be top gear coding for longivity, but if you got the named provider, Mod Edit , mind you they give unlimited download ... 4G speed.
    Note: its not gonna be free info, that will make it be for only pple that needed it.
    Peace and Out while i watch my downloaded movies..
  8. Coyes

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    House please can somebody tell me if airtel blackberry is still working on pc?